The moosen of Snowfall Tree are a happy bunch, even though it is cold two thirds of the year there. These moosen have many festivals and celebrations to make the long winter months go by with glee and cheer. There is always much work to do, but they do it with helpful pooves and a quick smile.

Winter was just giving way to a brief but bright spring when Dr. Drake came to visit for the Snowfall Tree’s annual checkup. With him came a number of mooseveristy students on a field trip. There was Maison, Merelda, and Abe all traveling out of the Valley on this very distant trip. Fortunately they had access to a slide which went straight from the Valley to the big Snow Fall Tree.  Many of the more important and often visited sites from the Valley had permanent slides set up by Milton and his apprentice.

Dr. Drake was the last of the four moosen to step out of the slide. The slide opened up onto a small wood platform with stairs reaching up from the snow below to the platform. Down on the snow in front of the platform were Sam and Willahalm. Sam waved, “Dr. Drake, so glad you could make it today! And I see you have brought friends along!”

Dr. Drake walked to the edge of the platform to look out over the sights to see. Below the platform, standing atop the thick snow stood Sam and Willahalm. Dr. Drake could tell they spent a lot of time around large snowfalls because they keep their bottom pooves large, like snow shoes. Beyond the two greeting mooses there were half a dozen multi-story houses in sight. All of them were built up on stilts with stairs. That was due to the heavy snowfall that often blanked the ground in the area.

Doctor Drake replied, “Yes the Mooseveristy thought this would be an ideal field trip for several of their students. Let me introduce Maison, Meralda, and Abe. The two moosen and the moog waved their pooves at the greeting party. They did not say anything more just yet, waiting to see the customs of the Moosgardians of Snowfall Tree.

 Willahalm moved to the fore. He was slightly smaller than Sam, with lighter fur. He waved at the students. “Come on down, and we’ll get you settled, and show you around” Wilahalm bounced up and down in the snow with enthusiasm as he spoke and waved, to encourage the students to come down off the platform. The three students looked to Doctor Drake for guidance, and he motioned them to go ahead.

Maison showed her excitement by yelling out as she leapt from the platform and out into the deep snow, sinking up to her chest as she impacted.


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