Mom and Father were surprised when they found the pull down door to the attic in the closet of the Bogey Room. They had no plans for what to do with an attic, so they, all three, went up to explore the possibilities. Maddy went up to look around between her parents in the middle of a bright, sunny day.

The attic was a big, open space, with a peaked ceiling, covering the whole of the house. Even though it only had one window on each side of the house, (each one beside one of the four chimneys) and the sun cast no beams across the floor as it hunger overhead, the room seemed bright, and surprisingly undusty. Still, Maddy could still feel something of the watching darkness in that empty room, and was more than happy to go back down the folding ladder, and listen to first the trap door, then the closet door close firmly behind her.

Then Father and Maddy went down to explore the basement, while Mum called around trying to find out what restaurants were open enough that she could go pick up food that did not come out of the nearly exhausted ice chest. Without the refrigerator, and most of the pots, pans, dishes, and utensils of a functioning kitchen, their meal preparation and food storage options were limited. Mom also hoped to get advice on what grocery stores there were in the area, and what was still open. The rules about what constituted an ‘essential business’ were different in the new place.

With functioning internet, two laptops, and a tablet, Father pointed out that they could get all the information online, probably faster, but Mom preferred to talk to people. Mom might be a writer these days, but she could not naturally adapt to the enforced seclusion. She enjoyed people, even sales people and recalcitrant cable persons, though they did not always completely enjoy her.

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