The first few pages of this story were first penned well before anyone ever heard of Covid-19, so naturally, none of the complications of a global pandemic were taken into account, but with the way things are, and the way this story is going, we have decided that it could quite easily be tweaked into a more relevant setting. The first few pages were written to be in the spring, but when we took this up again, we wanted to cut out the complications involved in going to a new school, as they would have very little to do with the plot, so we slid into summer. Now we shift back to Spring in a world where school is held on the computer and wearing a mask to the store is normal.

In spite of all the shut downs, quarantining, and ‘social distancing’, power and the joys of the internet reached the ‘new’ old house the next morning, if not quite right on schedule. Maddy stayed upstairs and missed the complicated three way song and dance that took place when the cable person showed up to set up the cable modem before the power company had finished their part. She and Father both heard over lunch how the cable person wanted to leave and reschedule sometime next week, but Mom was stern. She and Father both needed the internet for work things and Maddy needed to Zoom her classes Monday. It was no fault of Mom, Father, or Maddy. That the cable person showed up three hours before the appointment, and Mom was quite willing to climb right over the cable person and up the chain of command until she got the service they were paying for, or the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and a host of other places where people go to check out companies before doing business with them, would hear all about it.

Father and Maddy knew quite well that Mum only had to point out that we still had an appointment for that afternoon whether or not the cable person showed up in the morning, and start to ask to speak to a manager, and most of the rant only happened in her head.

Mum knew they knew, so it was just a funny story to share over lunch. They had back up plans for if things did not work out, anyway.

What did not go anywhere close to on schedule, however, was the arrival of the moving van with all their furniture, and the rest of the boxes. For some reason, the ever shifting rules that tried to prevent the spread of disease wrapped the truck up in red tape somewhere along the way, and until the knots were all cut or untied, Maddy and her parents had to make do without.

By comparison, the single day delay in delivery and installation of the new refrigerator, washer, and dryer ( the old ones had belonged to the apartment and had to be left behind), and finding out that the room they had did not match the actual rooms, so that Mom’s office plans would have to be redone, seemed to be minor inconveniences.

Actually, for some reason, Mom and Father expected Maddy to choose the Bogey room, so the plans would have to be adjusted in any case. Then Mom had a new idea as to adapting the closet with a window into a cosy work space where she could get to everything easily, and she got rather excited as the boxes the brought played musical rooms, until they remembered people would eventually have to get through with furniture, and all the boxes not to be opened yet moved into one corner of the big room, convenient, yet out of the way. Around her school work, done at the kitchen table on the end set aside for Maddy (as opposed to the middle where Mom and Father worked across from one another, and the other end near the sink where they ate), they spent a lot of time exploring and making plans for the two main floors, including new shelves and lighting for the walk in pantry behind one of the door off the kitchen.

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