Maddy walked through the front door into a short hall. There were hooks all along both sides of the wall at about shoulder height for an adult. Those must be for coats and things. She quickly departed the foyer as her parents brought in the first load of boxes beyond the entrance lay a big living room. It was huge. There was a large fireplace in the far end of the room. She wandered through the living room. 

There were three, large bay windows on the same side of the room as the front door. There was a staircase off to one side. And on the side of the room from the windows was a large arch going into a dining room.

Maddy wandered out through the dining room. With no furniture, these two big rooms were like vast caverns. The kitchen was just beyond the dining room. While the front two rooms felt cold and remote, the kitchen felt warm and welcoming. There was a back door, a basement door, a pantry door, and a large, gas cooking stove. Also the kitchen had a small fireplace that looked very old.

Right in the center of the room was an old, battered wood table. The table was large and heavy, made out of a light wood. It had six chairs around it. Maddy wandered down a small hall from the kitchen, past a small bathroom, to the front door. And that was the first floor.

She sighed and began to drag herself to the staircase and upstairs. She got to the top of the stairs to see there was no real hallway. Instead, the stairs opened into a wide space. Around that space were five doors standing open. The one to the left was the big bedroom that would be her parents room. The next door was the upstairs bathroom. That left three other rooms for her to look at and pick one.

The first room was a small room with one window. Maddy did not like that one very much. It was small and very cramped feeling, even for her small, nine-year-old frame.

The next room was a big one. It had windows on two walls. This room let in lots of sunlight. Maddy, though, did not like the look of the closet door. She opened it to see a huge closet. It had a sinister feeling. This was the type of closet that boogey men crept out of in the wee hours of the night to spook children. No, she would not pick this room.

She sighed, that left only one room. She hoped it was a good one. Crossing the open space, she saw her parents had already brought up a dozen boxes. That last room was right beside the bathroom.

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