Name: Matilda, Momma (to one very special moose girl), Formerly Melio Muse of History

Biography: Matilda has always been fascinated by different cultures, and all the stories of how they got to be the way they are. She greatly enjoys teaching others the stories, as well. This pairing naturally led to a lifelong calling as a teacher.

It was through her study of those stories that Matilda, as Melio, found the evidence that led the Moosympians to abandon Moosympus.

It was through Matilda’s daughter, Miranda, the lost child of Moosympus, that Matilda met the first children of the Valley, and started what would become the Moosiversity, with branch campuses in Funtown and the Valley of the Frogs and other places.

Domicile:  When Matilda and Miranda first built their house in Moose Town, it ended up being quite a bit larger than they expected, with a whole floor and several common rooms more than they thought there should be. The extra space came in very handy when lessons for Miranda suddenly swelled into a full boarding school one morning.

It did not take long after that for the Moosiversity plans to blossom in minds and on drawing boards as a major part of the new town, Moose Harbor, that would tame the delta at the river’s mouth.

Matilda and Miranda’s house was moved to form part of the campus between the first of the dormitories, the first laboratories, and the orchard. Matilda still takes in boarders who are too young, or too shy, or have some other reason not to thrive in the dorms. And, no matter how many administrative duties running such a complex Moosiversity may generate, Matilda always has time to teach and spend time with her daughter.

Interests: Matilda always enjoys learning new things, She and Miranda often take one or two of the more… interesting classes together, things like ice cream making with Lady Moo, or Dirigible Flying and Maintenance with Mary, or Ballistics with Marmaduke. 

You never know what or who she will take an interest in next.

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