Name: Maximillian (He usually goes by Max.), Formerly Maides


Biography: Though, as Maides, Max preferred to stay in his own subterranean realm, and rarely visited Moosympus, he is still considered to be one of the original Moosympians. He is Meus’s oldest (and largest sibling, and one of his closest advisors.

When Meus set out to establish Moose Valley, he invited all of his siblings to come along. Memeter had taken to wandering the worlds, employing her craft as she saw fit, and felt no need for a fixed abode among the other moosey ones. Moseidon had established his own society of meremoosen, deep under the salt waves, and could no more easily adapt once again to life on land than he could easily abandon or transplant the other meremoosen to Meus’s new settlement. Mestia left their mountain home well before the end, and while the others still communicate with her not infrequently, none of them really know to where Mestia moved, at least not yet.

Only Max, of all the siblings, went with Meus and the larger part of the other Moosympians when they moved to the Valley. He was more than ready to set aside his old job and his old name. There are some indications, however, that suggest that Max still has more to do with his old job than the sculptor, stone mason, and architect he appears to be might suggest.


Domicile: Max is naturally a very big moose, and he has trouble reducing his size down to something more of a kind with most of the other Moose Valley residents’ daily wear proportions. He, also, tends to be rather shy, and uncomfortable with large groups, so he built his home in a nice set of limestone caves right off the underground headwaters of the southern of the two tributaries that form the Moose River.

Max chose not to replicate the vast manor he left behind. Instead, he has a much smaller space, with a bedroom for himself; a sleeping room for Max’s best friend, Lee, with a pool in one end that connects to the tributary; and a third bedroom built to Max’s size, but with clusters of furniture on several levels built to the sizes more comfortable for his smaller friends and family. The kitchen, dining room, study, and parlor are furnished with the same courtesy in mind. With Miltin’s active help, Max even has elevators and monorails from the different levels and different rooms, so that overnight guests do not have to spend half the morning climbing out of bed and hiking to the dining room for breakfast. Some people do not appreciate cold eggs.


Interests: Max and Lee provide most of the quarried stone for construction and decoration in Moose Valley. They even export some to friends in other places. He formed the great slides that gave the Slide Mountains their name, and serve to keep their grumpy, fire-breathing, northern neighbors where their periodic wildfires keep to the grasslands and away from the homes and settlements.

Even more than great projects like that, Max enjoys sculpture. There is a broad stretch of cliff at a point where the Moose River grows narrow and swift, where Max has carved a vast mural into the cliff, including all his friends and kin engaged in activities that help define who they are. The mural is rarely finished for long. Max is usually the first person newcomers to the valley meet if they came by one of the to adjust to a new way of life can be a good way to  make new friends.


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