Just so you know, I noticed Minion forgot to list Meus’s interests in last week’s post, and it has been edited to include that section.

Name:    Moosette, Matriarch of Moose Valley, Manu Tahura, the Beast of the River


Long ago (Just how long, no one really knows, though it was well before the Moosympians decided to abandon Moosympus.), a moose was born who was not like her mother. She was smaller, more supple, and more curious than others her age, and when her mother moved on, leaving the young moose on her own, she was lonely.

The young moose wandered far, until she met a young human called Emma, who taught the young moose her first language, introduced her friend to many concepts beyond what an ordinary mother moose could impart, and gave the young moose her first name. Emma chose Moosette, after her grandmother Musette.

Girl and moose had many good times, out in the woods, when Emma could sneak away, but Emma eventually grew up and had to move away, leaving Moosette alone again. After Emma, Moosette met many humans, some nice, some very not, until she settled in a valley with no near neighbors closer than the islands well out of sight beyond the harbor.

Moosette had grown to mistrust many humans, though she never forgot Emma, so when humans tried to move into her valley, she would chase them away, but there were a few, if they approached her the right way, that she would help, for she had learned many things in her travels. They called her Manu Tahura, the Beast of the River, since the river that ran down her valley was more familiar than the wide spread of land, bigger than any of their islands.

It was only when Meus came to visit on his quest for a new home for his people, that Moosette found a people of her own, people like herself, who could accept and embrace all aspects of her abilities and history. With them, she built her valley into Moose Valley, and her proper home.


Moosette and Meus live together in Moose House, in the middle of the original town* in Moose Valley, with one side of the extensive garden against the river. Moose House is far larger than the two moose need for themselves, but they have a semi-permanent open house policy that fills up a lot more space.

Moosette’s kitchen always has fresh food and drink out for anyone who wants to stop by, whether there is anyone home or not. Moose House has extra parlors and living rooms for meetings, classes, and other gatherings that prefer a more homey atmosphere, or have some other reason to stay in Town rather than travel down the river to the harbor to use the more extensive facilities on the newer Moosiversity campus. Moose house also has space set aside for communal storage and a fair-sized, if rather specialized library, though most of those services are now handled by the Community Center and Marius’ Great Library.

In one, far corner of the garden is a shed where Meus keeps his old chariot. Meus is no longer the “King” of Moosympus, so the old contracts no longer apply. Moreover, the winds of that Valley are not the same as the winds of the Mountain, but the Valley winds like Meus, so every once in a while, when he has a good reason, Meus can still be seen riding his chariot through the sky, behind horses formed from the four winds as he did of old.

*(Residents generally refer to it as the town and the newer accumulation of buildings in the tamed delta where the fresh water met the salt, the harbor, but on the Valley map, it says, ‘Moose Town’ and ‘Moose Harbor’, as slightly more official names, if not very imaginative.)


Moosette rarely leaves the Valley these days, but she is always interested in meeting new people. She makes certain that every newcomer, visitor or immigrant, to the Valley is properly greeted and made welcome, often changing her shape to something they might find more familiar until they get used to their new surroundings.

Moosette is the premiere shapechanger among the Moose Valley community, and often teaches morphing classes part-time at the Moosiversity, but her primary focus is the bakery she runs in Town, a gift from many of her friends when her Moose House kitchen started running out of facilities for all the baking she did for them and others.

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