Name:    Meus, Patriarch of Moose Valley, former “King” of Moosympus

Biography:  Meus is a very old moose, though there a few older. Long ago, he founded the mountaintop city of Moosympus, where he led the other Moosympians (as much as they needed leading) for long ages of human history, until his people ran out of room and stopped having children, and they found that, in a very subtle way, their free interactions with and offers of help to their human neighbors was doing more harm than good, and the Moosympians settled on a plan to move.

Meus searched far and wide, over several worlds until he met Moosette, a moose of another kind, who invited Meus and his Moosympians to come live in her Valley.

Domicile: Meus and Moosette live together in Moose House, in the middle of the original town* in Moose Valley, with one side of the extensive garden against the river. Moose House is far larger than the two moose need for themselves, but they have a semi-permanent open house policy that fills up a lot more space.

Moosette’s kitchen always has fresh food and drink out for anyone who wants to stop by, whether there is anyone home or not. Moose House has extra parlors and living rooms for meetings, classes, and other gatherings that prefer a more homey atmosphere, or have some other reason to stay in Town rather than travel down the river to the harbor to use the more extensive facilities on the newer Moosiversity campus. Moose house also has space set aside for communal storage and a fair-sized, if rather specialized library, though most of those services are now handled by the Community Center and Marius’ Great Library.

In one, far corner of the garden is a shed where Meus keeps his old chariot. Meus is no longer the “King” of Moosympus, so the old contracts no longer apply. Moreover, the winds of that Valley are not the same as the winds of the Mountain, but the Valley winds like Meus, so every once in a while, when he has a good reason, Meus can still be seen riding his chariot through the sky, behind horses formed from the four winds as he did of old.


Beyond his responsibilities to the Valley, Meus also has an abiding interest in the weather. He maintains an observatory, high up in the Slide Mountains to the north of the Valley. There Meus studies the weather patterns of the area, and makes certain that picnics always have sunny weather, kite parties always have enough wind, the farms get enough rain, and Crismoose always has snow.

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