It has been put to me, by my minions among others, that I have an awful lot of friends for someone else to keep track of. Moreover, as we continue to go out Walking and having adventures, the number of people my archives cover will only continue to grow. My minion is one of those poor humans who is so bad with names, that she has even forgotten her own on occasion, and she thinks those of you who will only get to know us through these archives (and she) might benefit from some sort of reference stating who is whom, a picture, and a few things about us.

I like to be helpful, so, of course I agreed. I asked my minions who they should like to read about first, and they have both chose me for some silly reason. They both know me quite well, after all. They pointed out that you might not, and you might rather want to do so, however embarrassing I might find writing about myself.

Name: Cody Elias Tower

Biography: With so many stories going through his head, Cody has trouble remembering about the time before he became the Moose Valley Archivist. There are some who should know who say that before the Moosympians moved to their Valley, Cody had another name and another job the great flying city of Moosgard, and he does not deny it. Mostly, he just finds talking about himself… less interesting than all the adventures his friends have.

Let us just say that soon after the Valley’s foundation, Cody was seen sitting in a shady garden nook, writing in a great leather-bound tome, and he always seems to know what has been going on, even when the action is worlds away.


One of the supporting pieces of evidence as to Cody’s Moosgardian origins is his chosen residence. Even on the sunniest, clearest day, that Meus can come up with, a fluffy cloud often drifts a lazy circuit around the Valley. Though its edges are a fluffy white, the sun does not touch the center. Sunshine does not pass through most stone, and Mjollnyr’s castle rests on that cloud. The top of the castle’s tallest widest tower, Cody keeps and creates the Valley Archive, with his living quarters on the level below, each level one big, airy room, broken into sections only by the placement of furniture.


Cody is almost always to be found in those two rooms, unless a friend has stopped by to invite him out for fresh air and exercise. His books can write themselves, but Cody likes to keep watch over all his friends, just in case they might need him to call in help.

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